We understand the importance of professional cleaning services and this is why we take care to offer the best services to keep your surroundings neat, clean and healthy to live in.

The importance of cleanliness is something that we have been taught from our former years. In school, at home as well as in our workplace, there is always a constant push to keep our surroundings clean. Hygiene is an important part of life and it also lets you create your image.

Our Services:

1) Home Appliances Repair Services

         i) AC Installation and Repair Services

        ii) Water Purifier Repair Services

       iii) Refrigerator Repair Services

       iv) Washing machine Repair Services

        v) Chimney Repairs

2) House Keeping Services

         i) Deep Cleaning

        ii) Basic Cleaning

       iii) Bathroom Cleaning

       iv) Festive/After Party Cleaning

3) Pest Control Services

         i) Bio Pest Control

        ii) Fumigation

       iii) Insulation

       iv) Termite Control

        v) Rodent Control

       vi) Mosquito Control

      vii) Cockroach and other Pest Control

4) Professional Services

          i) Plumbing Service

          ii) Carpentry Service

          iii) Electrician Service

          iv) Civil Works

           v) Packers & Movers Service

          vi) Tax filing Service